Enough of Settling! bring back that loving feeling to your Relationship!

These two days will change your relationship

Couples Two-Day Intensive 

You’re not happy.


Not getting the love you want and deserve.

 Feeling stifled and lonely in this relationship.

 You no longer speak the same language. You quite often feel misunderstood. What comes out of your mouth gets misinterpreted. Communicating has become stressful.


“Should I stay, or should I go?”


The relationship got stale.

Can it ever be fixed?

How long can you stand living like this?


Want to shake things up and see lasting results?


Sign up for my Couples Intensive Retreat.


It will jumpstart the connection process, and you’ll learn new tricks to implement in your relationship to get the results you want.


Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or are just starting a new one, this weekend intensive will get you on the right track.


Learn strategies to be able to talk again without feeling misunderstood, to heal old wounds, to let go of resentments, and not to take things as personally.


Benefits of the Intensive Getaway


Immerse yourselves in two days to invest in your relationship and the possibility of making long-lasting beneficial changes.


You certainly know what is not working; and, yet, you don’t quite know what else to do to improve the way you relate to each other. You feel hopeless.


This intensive will jump-start all that for you. You will learn new relational skills and have a chance to practice those.


Communicating will seem easier, reactions will be tamed and replaced with responses, old resentments will finally start getting resolved, so you can move forward.


Past participants claim that at the end of the weekend they felt so much closer to each other like they had not felt in years. They felt hopeful. They felt heard and understood.


People usually leave the intensive invigorated, hopeful, and ready to continue to experience what they uncovered during the getaway: more intimacy and connection.


This two-day intensive is a game changer.


It’s hard work.

It takes courage to make changes. But what have you got to lose?

Come prepared to let go of what was not working and start doing what will bring you joy and connection.


Don’t delay another day!


Space is limited.

 Only 15 couples accepted.

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