Compulsive Cheating Is Problematic

It Is Heartbreaking and Destructive

 Recovery from Chronic Infidelity is Possible

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Compulsively cheating on your partner is not right

Because you all have not had sex in a while, you feel entitled to find a partner, or several, for sex.

At first, there’s the high of the hunt and conquer, but then come the guilt and shame.

Because you feel so inadequate, you act out again.

The more secrets you keep, the worse you feel. You try to stop, you fail.


As a betrayed partner, you feel heartbroken, hurt, and angry.

You can’t believe what you just discovered. You’re in shock.

You want to know the truth, and yet, it’s hard to believe the one who cheated on you.

You can’t stop thinking about the betrayal. You imagine the worst. 

Depression, hopelessness and despair set in. You isolate.

How can you survive this? Was your entire marriage a sham?


Chronic Infidelity is Traumatic

If you are the cheater, your behavior is considered problematic if:

You often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts, or
you hide some of your sexual behaviors from others.
Those behaviors have emotionally hurt  someone, 
and you feel controlled by your sexual desire. 
When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterward?

If you are the betrayed, you may have developed Post Infidelity Stress Disorder if you have any of the following symptoms:  

Feeling emotionally empty and numb
Having intense anger
Experiencing depression and hopelessness
Having panic attacks
Replaying the behavior over and over in your mind
Hyper-vigilance, insomnia and nightmares
Rage and despair
Isolating from friends and family 


 Recovery from chronic infidelity is possible

If you are both willing to do what it takes to reclaim your relationship, heal, and take it to the next level, I can help you with that.

In treatment, we explore the underlying causes of the betrayal, and focus on fading out the self-destructive behaviors and replacing them with behaviors that promote living with integrity.

The betrayed partner will need to work on healing the trauma of being cheated on, developing healthy boundaries, doing self-esteem work, and developing a healthy support system.


Betrayal/Affair recovery is possible if both parties are willing to work on doing the needed repairs, rebuilding trust, and creating a relationship built on stronger foundation.

You can make that happen. Have the courage to make that change.

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