Insomnia No More



Learn how to control it, so you won’t feel controlled by it

“Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”
~ Thomas Dekker

Each night is the same.

Bedtime is approaching, and you are dreading it. You know that you’ll be tormented by another night of insomnia.

You go to bed, you toss and turn, you can’t sleep. You worry about not getting enough sleep.

You lie awake another night. You “try” to fall asleep; that does not work. You get more tense and frustrated with every minute that you lie awake.

You can’t fall asleep.

You feel anxious and frustrated. You wonder how you’re going to function the next day.

Next thing you know, all your problems are running through your head. Magnified. Made worse by the loneliness and darkness of the night.

Best case scenario: you finally fall asleep. But it doesn’t last.

In a couple of hours, you’re awake. Again. You see the sun rise. You feel defeated. Here’s to starting yet another day feeling exhausted, helpless, hopeless, dragged down.

Are you ever going to awake from this nightmare?

You feel anxious all day just by thinking of what will happen when you go to bed at night. You see no way out of this. It feels like torture.

You dread what most people look forward to: Going to bed

You feel grumpy most of the time. The exhaustion, irritability, anger about this situation take over. It has affected your mood, productivity, and the ability to enjoy social situations and family time.

People feel sorry for you.

Friends and family want to help solve your sleep issues. You get a ton of unsolicited advice.
Try herbs, massages, aromatherapy, acupuncture, sleeping pills, a new bed, a new room, on and on.

You try everything. Nothing works.

In most cases insomnia is caused because a habit is developed. You’re forced to stay awake (in cases where you are studying for an exam or are caring for someone) or are awakened several times during the night (when you have an infant, for example).

Later when those stimuli are removed, the habit has been formed, and the behavior will persist.

Come join my Sleep Wellness Group! 

I’ll teach you how to unlearn those habits and learn healthier ones. We’ll treat the underlying causes of your insomnia, not the symptoms of it.

We’ll explore your beliefs and behaviors that are supporting your insomnia, remove those, and replace them with others that are conducive to healthy sleep habits.

In only 8 weeks, if following the protocol of the program, you’ll be able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep, wake up feeling rested and refreshed, and look forward to going to bed again.

You’ll no longer dread night time or going to bed. All those old negative thoughts about sleep will be gone. You’ll manage your stress more effectively and will learn relaxation skills that work.

Don’t stay up another night! Call (770) 352-0029 now and start learning sleep wellness techniques. VIDEO THERAPY AND IN-PERSON SESSIONS AVAILABLE NOW!