Infidelity, Affairs, and Partner Betrayal

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“Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the only person you thought would never hurt you.”


Signs you don’t recognize

Your partner has not been acting like himself lately. Seems more detached and distant. Not like his usual self.

You show concern; he blames it on work-related stress. You offer support; you worry about his health. All those late nights at the office. You even feel grateful for his working so hard to support the family.

You chalk all the constant texting late at night and on the weekend to high demands at work.

You feel lonely. You feel guilty about requesting time together when he’s so stressed already with work. You don’t want to put one more demand on him.

You pick up all the work at home and don’t ask him for any help. You are exhausted and miss your partner. You hope all this will be temporary and that you’ll get him back soon.

Until you accidentally see that suspicious text. Your reality is shaken.

This can’t be happening. It must be a mistake.

You start investigating and you find much more. Your world comes crumbling down. You feel disoriented. You don’t know what to believe. BUT there’s an avalanche of information confirming that you have been betrayed.

Not once or twice, but several times. There’s evidence of constant porn use, visits to strip clubs, outings with hired escorts, and thousands of family dollars spent on betraying you.

You feel a surge of anger, hurt, and sadness. Your world has been shattered, and you’re confused as to what to do next. Your trust has been smashed.

How can you recover from that? How can your relationship recover?

Betrayal/Affair recovery is possible if both parties are willing to work on doing the needed repairs, rebuilding trust, and creating a relationship built on stronger foundation.

If the sexual acting out has been chronic, the cheating partner will need to seek specialized individual therapy focused specifically on that behavior.

The betrayed partner will need to work on healing the trauma of being cheated on, developing healthy boundaries, doing self-esteem work, and developing a healthy support system.

If you decide that you want to stay together and recover from the betrayal, I can help you with that.

I have helped hundreds of couples heal from infidelity and develop a strong relationship. With participation of both partners, I have no doubt that I can help you, too.

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