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“I’m tired of fighting”

Checking out – “Everything that comes out of my mouth gets misunderstood.”

Acting out – “I’m constantly met with defensiveness and criticism.”

Getting discouraged – “Every single subject turns into an argument?”

“I’m lonely”

Being in a dysfunctional relationship can be alienating.

You want your relationship to work; you’re doing everything you can – but it’s not enough.

You’re still unhappy, isolated, and unfulfilled. What else can you do?

It’s possible to make the change.

I read a quote recently that puts relationships in a nutshell. “If you want something you don’t currently have, you need to do something you’re not currently doing.”

That’s where our work starts.

I can offer you practical help by teaching you relational strategies that are different from the ones you’re currently using.

It’s uncomfortable.

I won’t deny that to replace inefficient habits with new, more rewarding ones takes determination, courage, and perseverance.

Yes, you will be uncomfortable – and that’s a good thing.

The more you tolerate discomfort, the more comfortable it gets.

Dare to be uncomfortable! Welcome it!

Just imagine…

Waking up feeling excited and passionate about your day. Imagine feeling loved, appreciated, and supported.

Picture making requests that are met with generosity. Can you Imagine being able to talk and feel understood?

How about being able to have passionate sex and feeling emotionally connected to your partner?

It doesn’t need to stay in your imagination.

You can make that happen. Have the courage to make that change.

Don’t delay another day! It won’t get better on its own. Start creating the relationship you crave and deserve. Video Therapy available NOW!

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