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How can so many conversations go wrong these days?

No conversation seems safe anymore.  Every word that comes out of your mouth gets misinterpreted, and you are not even given a chance to clarify it. It’s so frustrating!  

There’s no emotional connection, no support. You’re checked out. You hide behind a wall to protect yourself. If you don’t engage, at least there will be no fights. 

There’s so much resentment, forget being romantic. Too many hurtful things have been said, no repairs have been made. You just hang on to resentments, and there’s no way you can be loving with someone who has hurt you so many times. What guarantee do you have that if you allow yourself to get closer you will not get hurt again?

Your best friend turned into your enemy, and keeps hurting you. What happened to us, you wonder?


You feel lonely. On your own

You wake up next to someone you don’t even now anymore. You all are so disconnected.  You are together, but living separate lives, doing your own thing.  You’re household business partners, nothing else.  

You want your relationship to work, but don’t know what else to do. Nothing you all have tried has been sustainable. After a blow up, you  decide that you do not want to live like that, make a commitment to be more respectful and loving, it lasts a few weeks, and then you catch yourselves right back engaging the old, hurtful patterns.

You’re unhappy, isolated, unfulfilled. 

What happened? How did you get here?

Can this relationship be saved?


It’s possible to make the change.

I read a quote recently that puts relationships in a nutshell

“If you want something you don’t currently have, you need to do something you’re not currently doing.”

I believe that people keep engaging in behaviors that don’t work because they do not know what else to do.  You have tried it on your own, unsuccessfully. It’s time to get help.

That’s where our work starts.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and have been helping couples improve their relationship for over 30 years! In those 30 years, I have worked with over 10,000 couples! I taught them effective relational skills so they were able to re-connect, get back that loving feeling, and communicate well.  About 90% of the couples I work with claim that the tools they learned in therapy have tremendously improved their relationship, and they would never stop using them.  My clients feel happy and fulfilled because they get their needs met, have fun with their partners, and are not afraid of talking about topics that were previously avoided. They feel safe with each other. They have the right tools to accomplish that.

Here’s what some of my clients have said: 

  •  “I’ve always avoided going to therapy because I didn’t want to just sit there and have a therapist nod to what I said. This is not at all what I thought.  I really enjoy learning the new skills and getting the results we needed and wanted.”                                                                                                               
  • “I never thought that in just a few sessions we could be so much happier.” 
  • “Wow, this stuff really works.”   
  •  “After having gone to so many therapists, I thought that we were a lost cause, until we worked with Licia. She helped us save our marriage.” 
  •  “The relational tools we learned in therapy not only helped improve our relationship, but also the way we relate to our kids, family, friends, co-workers. I wish we had learned those a long time ago.”

I have been trained by great researchers in the field, such as Terry Real, John Gottman, Elyn Bader and Peter Pearson.

I know exactly what you are going through.
I can teach you new, effective behaviors to replace the ones that are back firing.
I will also:
– Help you get to the bottom of your unmet needs and communication issues.
– Guide you through difficult conversations and help you tell the truth to one       another.
– Give you honest feedback and call you out when I see you are doing   something that can be done differently and more effectively

If you’re both motivated and determined to reclaim your relationship, I can help you get there. 


 Just imagine…

Waking up feeling excited and passionate about your day. Imagine feeling loved, appreciated, and supported.

Picture making requests that are met with generosity. Can you Imagine being able to talk and feel understood?

How about being able to have passionate sex and feel emotionally connected to your partner?

 It doesn’t need to stay in your imagination.

You can make that happen. Have the courage to make that change.

Don’t delay another day! It won’t get better on its own. Start creating the relationship you crave and deserve, NOW. Video therapy available

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