Couples Intensive two-day Retreat

Transform Your Relationship in Only Two Days

Checking out is a lonely place to be.

You’re not happy. Not getting the love you want and deserve. Feeling stifled and neglected in this relationship.

Everything you say gets misunderstood. Every attempt at a conversation turns into a fight.
You check out. No topic is safe to bring up anymore. That’s a lonely place to be.

Should you stay or should you go?

Relationship got stale. Can it ever be fixed? How long can you stand living like that?

Wonder how you can jumpstart the healing in this relationship? Shake things up, and see lasting results?

Sign up for my Couples Intensive Two-Day Retreat.

That will speed up the connection process, and you’ll learn new tricks to implement in your relationship to get the results you want.

Whether you have been in a long-term relationship or are just starting a new one, this intensive will get you on the right track. Learn strategies to be able to talk again without feeling misunderstood. You’ll be able to heal old wounds, let go of resentments, and learn not to take things as personally.

Benefits of the Intensive Getaway

At the end of this time together, you will feel closer to your partner and look forward to spending time together. You’ll be able to have real conversations about topics that in the past used to turn into fights. The skills you’ll learn will diffuse possible arguments.

You’ll care for your partner and feel cared for.

You’ll know exactly what works, and what doesn’t, in an intimately connected relationship. Imagine feeling so passionate toward your partner that you’ll want to bring back physical and emotional intimacy.

You’ll learn how to use effective strategies to be in control of yourself and take care of yourself when needed – a very important skill to have in successful relationships

This two-day intensive is a game changer.

It is hard work. It takes courage to make changes. But what choice do you have? Want to keep doing what’s comfortable and getting the same old results?

You can do better than that.

What have you got to lose? Come prepared to let go of what is not working and start doing what will bring you joy and connection.

This two-day intensive, Friday from 10 to 5 and Saturday from 10 to 5, is offered four times a year.

Cost: $1,500 per couple, due at registration.

Upcoming dates:

Location: Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA

 Dates: May 19 and 20 from 10 to 5 in Buckhead, June 23 and 24 from 10 to 5 in Beverly Hills

Don’t delay another day. Call (770) 352-0029 now for a brief phone consultation to assess whether you can benefit from this retreat.

Space is limited. Only 10 couples accepted.

Relationship Quiz

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