Anxiety and Chronic Worrying

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You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you. ~ Dan Millman

Thoughts driving you crazy?

Obsessed by a frightening, negative imagination?

You constantly catch yourself worrying just about everything. With the worries come the bodily sensations of feeling like you’re losing control: quick, shallow breathing; fast heartbeat; sweaty palms; nausea, foggy head, and heavy chest.

Are you having a panic or a heart attack?

At that point, the thoughts just get worse, and the scenarios you play in your head are just plain scary. You try to stop those thoughts, but they just get stronger.

The “What ifs” are constant. They take over. You’re at their mercy.

But how can you shut them up???

You can’t concentrate. Your mind takes you away from where you want – and need – to be. Those thoughts are too powerful to be ignored.

At night, they get more persistent. You can’t sleep.

All you do is worry about the worst.

Can you ever stop worrying?

Anxiety is a chronic, often genetic condition, but having it doesn’t mean that you’ll just be anxious all the time. That there’s no help for you.

You CAN learn to manage your anxiety.

Learn to control your anxiety, so it doesn’t control YOU.

If you keep feeding those scary thoughts, they’ll just grow bigger and bigger.

In therapy, you’ll learn how to challenge those thoughts that cause anxiety and worry, and replace them with more rational thoughts.

You’ll learn techniques to calm your mind and body.

Just imagine not feeling afraid of the thoughts that may invade your mind.

Imagine, instead, welcoming any thought and knowing that you’ll be able to manage whatever comes.

You’ll develop a BRING-IT-ON attitude toward those intrusive thoughts because you’ll have the confidence you need to face them.

They’re not in charge anymore: YOU are.

Anxiety is the reaction to the perception of a threat or danger. Your brain reacts as though that threat or danger is real, when it isn’t.

In therapy, you’ll learn to separate what is real from what you perceive, and your emotions will follow suit.

Don’t resign yourself to being stressed out and anxious all the time.

Learn how to manage all that and develop a calmer, more in control, emotional state.

It doesn’t have to hold you hostage.

Let’s put anxiety in its place.

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